2020 Year Energy

December came so quickly this year… are you ready for the next decade?

As we are getting closer to 2020, I wanted to mention that this is a master number breaking down to a 22/4 vibration. The 4 vibration will highlight work and health.

It is a foundation year and if the foundations are not solid they will crumble and need to be repaired or rebuilt. Some foundations won’t survive. These are foundations of all areas your business, relationships, health etc.

I spoke briefly in past newsletters about what will be in the spotlight. I have seen that mental health has been in the news this week, which I mentioned and I feel there will be huge changes this next year particularly hospitals, aged care and anything to do with health. The whole health system and
private health, our own health will also be under consideration and making changes for the better.

I also feel our environment, government and of course money and banking will be an immediate focus and we have witnessed this over the past year where we see the old ways of addressing these issues becoming outdated. Our environment having irreversible damage and that brings me to our food…

Food will be a big topic in this coming decade as we need to find better ways of growing sustainable food sources, clean fresh water while the environment is protected and better managed. If you live in Australia you will know that China has bought a lot of Australian property and companies recently and I feel this will be to our detriment in the future. Ok, I’ve had a rave but it’s not just one issue; we needs solutions to many issues.

The 22/4 master number has a higher vibration than a straight 4. The 22 is
sensitive, intuitive, feminine, emotional and a soft but strong energy. Next
year 2020 having the 2 0’s as well will amplify the energy of the 2 2’s. The
0 in Numerology amplify whatever number it follows and will heighten the

On a personal level the same issues will present in our foundations, health
and work areas. If you have had an inkling that you need to change something in your diet exercise etc. look at what will suit you and your lifestyle and make a plan to organise and put in place so you will succeed rather than fail.

In work and career areas -if you are unhappy in your current situation
look to make the changes to get to where you want to be. Re-educate if you
need or look into others areas. Talk to people in that industry and ask
questions. Change your thinking about money or learn to if you don’t know

I feel that we have become overly sensitive to lots of areas and the 2020 energy will heighten this and more debates of how we handle these sensitivities. This will be highlighted on television and sensationalised in the news.

The rise in feminine energy will see more women in government and at the head of companies making import decisions and making a difference in the world. 

I will add more to our January newsletter and I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous New Year.