April 2018 Numerology Report

We are in a 4 month in an 2018/11 world year energy. The 4 is all about foundation. The four also puts a spotlight on health and work. This month you may look at diet, exercise and sometimes health issues that need your attention will arise. Great time for a detox or cleans. Rest is very important this month and pay close attention to how your body feels. If you are feeling overwhelmed with too much going on you might want to reschedule, revise and look for ways to take the pressure off. A weekend away can work wonders.

The 4 energy focuses on career and building on to your foundations, so learning new skills, promotion or getting a job that you love can be priorities this month. You may visit institutions for eg. Hospitals, aged care homes, clinics, health related buildings this month.

If you are working towards a goal in your career, doors will open this month. If you are looking for a job you love, journal about the perfect job with every detail, set goals to work towards attaining it.

The Tarot equivalent is The Emperor and the Gold Lotus card is Rest.

Rest by Michelle Mann copyright Michelle Mann 2017 all rights reserved

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