April 2019 Numerology + Golden Muse

April 2019 Numerology + Golden Muse

April Numerology & the 4 Energy

You might have already felt the change come through this week as we head into this 4 energy. Being a 3 Universal year energy brings communication, expansion and creativity and being in a 4 month will be around foundations, security and health. The 4 energy is around the foundations of things. It could be the foundations of a relationship, business, home, money or anything that you build upon. It will need to be in top shape to expand into the next phase. You may be wanting to expand your business and you will need to look at areas that need reorganisation/restructure to move forward abundantly and without issues. I am revisiting my mission statement to see if I’m still on track with my vision. It needs some work I think. Strong foundations will hold whatever is going on top so it needs to not have any cracks. You will see that if any areas in your life where foundations are weak they will fall away for you to re build a stronger one.

The new moon on April 5 in Aries brought new beginnings and adventure into a new area or growth. Stepping into a new area can bring up fear and it is in overcoming that fear that we grow in confidence and reclaim our personal power. If you feel frustration over the next week or so, take a deep breath and come back and examine self before you lash out. See where you feel your needs aren’t meet and communicate that. The full moon is on the 19th April which is Good Friday.

Card of the month: Golden Muse

Golden Muse Card

This month’s Gold Lotus Card is Golden Muse. She dances in the light, full of life and ready to create. She’s in all of us, and is beautiful just the way she is.

Golden Muse vibrates to the number four, made from the sum of three and one. She asks us to ignite the music within ourselves. Are you thinking about writing, creating, cooking, painting, singing or dancing? There is a power leading you to bring forth the energy to create.

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