Are you looking after your emotional health? Tips and tricks from an energy healer

Are you looking after your emotional health? Tips and tricks from an energy healer

I have soooooo many people come to me who struggle with their emotional health and feel trapped or weighed down. Some may even have physical manifestations of pain or discomfort but they can’t quite pinpoint when they ‘hurt’ themselves. In my healing practice I use energy healing. I can see auras and feel vibrations that indicate where issues in the body may be manifesting. Sometimes these manifestations are not caused by injury but from emotional blockages, trauma, stress or neglect. Once I work with someone they will feel a release, emotions can come to the surface, they can cry or become extremely fatigued and thirsty; a cleansing will begin. It’s amazing how the body can heal itself once energies are shifted and chakras realigned. Some people need a few sessions but others may only need one, it just depends on their body and how deeply the manifestation is rooted.

This February is a two (2) numerology, which heightens our emotional energies. So how can you look after your emotional health (apart from seeing me of course!)?

We all know it can be easy to burn the candle at both ends but it is essential to find balance. I know that if I don’t book ahead for a massage or block out time for yoga, I tend to let it slip. Booking in time to rest and nurture yourself means you’re more likely to commit to it. I use my phone to keep track as it’s easy to see every appointment at a glance. Sometimes, we feel guilt about putting ourself first, but it’s super important for productivity, our relationships and our overall health.

Healthy eating can go out the window quickly if you’re over tired or if you know you will arrive home late. The old adage K.I.S.S (keep it simple sexy) applies! Keep it simple by cooking quick but healthy dishes like stir fry or making double of a dish that freezes well can be really helpful.

Meditation is amazing to help you revive. Did you know doing a short meditation is like getting an hour of sleep. It also helps lower blood pressure, calms the nervous system and helps you to make clear decisions. I hear from my clients – “I can’t meditate I can’t stop my thoughts”. You may not be able to stop your thoughts but you can choose not to engage with them. If this happens to you, allow the thought to come into your head, acknowledge it then let it go, know that it will pop back in later. This takes practice so if it’s still not working, use guided meditations. Guided meditations are great if you find it hard to let go of thoughts, there are many online or go check mine out. If you are still struggling do whatever helps you to switch off eg. journaling, art, craft, colouring in or gardening.

So just a quick recap, to help look after your emotional health and heal yourself make sure to –

  • Book or block out time to look after yourself using a calendar or digital reminders
  • Eat healthy by planning meals ahead or having simple healthy meals available
  • Meditate – using guided meditations to help you revive and let go

If you are needing support with your emotional wellbeing or are a little lost book a healing with me.