Discover the Gold Lotus Oracle

The Gold Lotus Oracle

“The process of using these cards is a comforting ritual. The answers lie in meditation, finding time within your busy day to just make time for yourself.” The cards are an instant thing to look at, to inspire you for the day, to ask questions about events that you may be going through and you can see how amazingly accurate the cards can be. Reoccurring rest and nurturing and giving yourself time.  Sit in a relaxing spot to find clarity take a few moments to take a few breaths and ask in that moment ‘What am I needing right now?’”
Michelle Mann

Gold Lotus Oracle Deck

Unfolding the Flower of Consciousness

Award winning Gold Lotus Oracle Deck and Book are a combination of beautifully painted images and spiritual insight.  Each card in the deck has been exquisitely painted by mixed media artist Michelle Mann. Each of the 47 cards is vibrant and rich with colour. This deck can be used with the additional booklet for general meanings or with the Gold Lotus Oracle Book to give more information to readings for yourself or others.

The Gold Lotus Oracle Book contains crystal vibrations, numerology, yoga poses, meditations and affirmations that vibrate with each card making this deck an invaluable healing tool.

Featuring 47 stunning cards, each card has been thoughtfully designed with gold foil lotus and gold edges.

Ask the Oracle a question…

The Past, Present and Future spread 

  1. Click each card to flip it
  2. Click again to read its meaning
  3. Use your intuition to gain an overall understanding of the question or situation you had in mind.
  4. Click the arrows below to shuffle the deck and ask another question


This deck vibrates with light, positivity and divine accuracy.

Spirit Deer Card

Spirit Deer has come to you to remind you that you have the courage and strength within you to deal with pressures in your life. Spirit Deer is here to support and guide you through difficult times. You do have the strength to keep going regardless of the obstacle ahead. When issues arise, feel assured the Spirit Deer will be able to resolve them. Learn from these situations to a clearer path. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Heart Chakra Card

Open your heart to give and receive love. A heavy heart can hold issues around resentment and anger. To have a healthy heart these emotions can arise in order for healing in the heart chakra. It is the centre of self-love and the ability to give and receive love. Do you have feelings of sadness? When you feel emotion in your heart area allow it to flow and release. Be kind and loving to yourself and others around you.

Positive Thoughts Card

Be careful with your thoughts. Your brain is more powerful than you imagine. Negative thoughts creep in and your mind will believe them. These thoughts can manifest what you are thinking. When you hear these negative thoughts, make a conscious effort to recognise and change them. Being mindful can be beneficial as well as gratitude journalling which helps to create more positive thoughts.

Product Reviews

"These cards are absolutely beautiful. I had already bought a set but wanted another set for a gift. They are wrapped so beautifully that you don’t want to unwrap them. The artwork on the cards is gorgeous. Just looking through them gives you a wonderful feeling. Postage was prompt. Michelle is friendly and easy to correspond with. More than happy with my purchase."



"I am in love with them! They are such pretty cards! With soo much detail in each one, and I love the book – so easy to read and makes understanding them much easier."

Charlotte Plews


"Right from when you first lay eyes on this amazing book you feel that it is full of creativity and spiritual wisdom. Michelle shares her courageous story dealing with the death and loss of her husband at an early age which catapulted her into a deep spiritual inner journey. Michelle discovered many modalities and tools along the way to navigate an emotionally intense road. Tarot was one tool which called her strongly. Michelle has gone on to create her own deck of cards and the book includes a detailed description of what each card means and how it can assist. This is an insightful and uplifting read and one that can lead to personal change and assisting other people."

Vanessa Finnigan

Holistic Bliss Magazine

"Michelle Man’s GOLD LOTUS ORACLE BOOK is a delightful and gentle introduction for beginners dipping their toes into self-guidance. It is full of useful information on how to implement the wisdom of her colourful card deck’s guidance, and to use each message for healing and meditation. The vibration of the Divine Feminine is embodied in the Goddesses, female nature spirits, Gaia and spirit animals. As you work with this oracle, she invites you to investigate the magic of numbers, use of crystals and yoga poses for release. A daily joy of self-awareness."



"Did my first reading with your new Gold Lotus Oracle Deck and it was spot on! I couldn’t have got a better reading if I tried! Love the quality of the cards, especially the gold around the edges….very stylish! stoked you made your dreams come true! The world is grateful"

Lyn Moes


"Great artwork and card Michelle youve shown me good reason to pursue my own art Kylie did a reading spookingly accurate"

Dave Davies


"I've owned a copy of Michelle's beautiful Gold Lotus Oracle Cards for over a year now and have enjoyed both the whimsical artwork and the inspirational insights they impart. I recently had the good fortune to have a face-to-face reading with Michelle and was happily surprised to find her a very down-to-earth and reassuring woman with an obvious connection to the world of Spirit. The information she shared with me was delivered with compassion, warmth and a gentle humour that helped me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment I arrived. It has given me a much greater sense of being in the 'flow' and trusting that my own intuitive feelings are worth acknowledging. I've had many readings at various times throughout my Life and Michelle is truly a gifted psychic worth visiting when you need some extra clarity. Highly recommended."

Leesa Baker


"Your beautiful book arrived today on International Women's Day, how prophetic!! I love it. I bought your deck of oracle cards in a shop on my way home from a women's yoga retreat at the Noosa Everglades last July. They are one of my favourite decks. So beautiful, so so on the money. Thank you for your beautiful gift and that you have shared it with so many."

Janice Johnston