Discover the Gold Lotus Oracle

The Gold Lotus Oracle

“The process of using these cards is a comforting ritual. The answers lie in meditation, finding time within your busy day to just make time for yourself.” The cards are an instant thing to look at, to inspire you for the day, to ask questions about events that you may be going through and you can see how amazingly accurate the cards can be. Reoccurring rest and nurturing and giving yourself time.  Sit in a relaxing spot to find clarity take a few moments to take a few breaths and ask in that moment ‘What am I needing right now?’”
Michelle Mann

Gold Lotus Oracle Deck

Unfolding the Flower of Consciousness

Award winning Gold Lotus Oracle Deck and Book are a combination of beautifully painted images and spiritual insight.  Each card in the deck has been exquisitely painted by mixed media artist Michelle Mann. Each of the 47 cards is vibrant and rich with colour. This deck can be used with the additional booklet for general meanings or with the Gold Lotus Oracle Book to give more information to readings for yourself or others.

The Gold Lotus Oracle Book contains crystal vibrations, numerology, yoga poses, meditations and affirmations that vibrate with each card making this deck an invaluable healing tool.

Featuring 47 stunning cards, each card has been thoughtfully designed with gold foil lotus and gold edges.

Ask the Oracle a question…

The Past, Present and Future spread 

  1. Click each card to flip it
  2. Click again to read its meaning
  3. Use your intuition to gain an overall understanding of the question or situation you had in mind.
  4. Click the arrows below to shuffle the deck and ask another question


This deck vibrates with light, positivity and divine accuracy.

Golden Muse Card

Ignite the muse within you. Are you thinking about writing, creating, cooking, painting, singing or dancing? There is a power within you rising and leading you to bring forth the energy to create whatever it may be for you. Have you been thinking of taking lessons or doing a workshop? This is a perfect time for you to venture out and try something new or revise something that has become stagnant. Put on some music that you love and sway and move to the music while asking your muse to show herself and reveal your new direction.

Dreaming Fairy Card

Do you record your dreams? This card represents dreaming and messages coming to you through your dreams. If you have interest in dreams or astral travel this is an excellent time to read and research these subjects. If you are aware that you are astral travelling it is wise to read information about leaving and re-entering your body. Don’t be afraid. Your angels are always with you and you are safe when you travel.

Sacral Chakra Card

Sacral Chakra is your creative centre. It is your relationship area and relationship with self. Problems can arise around judgement, about creative expression, feelings of unworthiness and co-dependency. It is time to get in touch with your feelings and open up to express your creative self, be able to be who you are without holding back on your feelings. Use a form of communication to express yourself- writing, painting, craft, dance or any form of creative expression to clear issues in the Sacral Chakra.

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