How to Use Oracle Cards

Here is a brief outline on how to use oracle cards:


Using the cards for a reading for yourself or others can help bring you guidance and healing. Draw one card or three. I will explain in more detail in my next post and of course detailed descriptions are available in the Gold Lotus Oracle Deck & Book.

Using the Cards Together:

Multiple cards or the whole deck can be used together to form a more in depth reading as the cards flow from one to the other. Using the cards can support and grow your intuition and self awareness.

As a Journalling Prompt:

You can use the cards daily by pulling one card. The cards can be used as a journalling prompt by selecting a card or cards and then write about how you are feeling and then look at the book for further information. There is a Journalling and art exercise in the Gold Lotus Book.  Check out a similar one here on my how to journal better blog post.


If you are a practising healer, Gold Lotus Oracle Cards can be used in your healing practice. In a healing select a card for each chakra and either place it on the person or on the floor under the table you work on. Each card will vibrate to that chakra and helps to clear and balance the chakra. Visual connection with the images on the cards also aids in clearing of the energy in the body and Aura.

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