March 2019 Numerology

On the 6th of March we have Mercury in retrograde until the 29th. It is a wonderful time to revisit, reorganise and check all communications (emails)before hitting the send button. Check all travel plans and expect some delays or spontaneous changes that might result in FUN.

The 3 month in a 3 Universal year. We went through a 3/3/3 day earlier this week and then again on the 30th which will bring ideas, creativity and important communications. I feel for some it will be intense around relationships and clear communication is the key to resolution. Others will make bigger changes and move on.

This month the ideas will flow and you might feel that the year is starting rather than in January. If you made plans / goals in January this month is perfect to revisit those and reassess what you need now as it may have changed. The 3 energy is also playful and inject some fun in your life if you feel it’s a bit humdrum. Plan a weekend or overnight stay if you can do it and recharge, let the new ideas float in and feel renewed.

This particular 3/3 energy is about expansion and it is a double energy so will amplify the expansion. Travel is also in the 3 energy; it’s the itchy feet number and wants to wander the globe. If you want to find out what personal year you are in this year, and what personal month go to my video HERE and it will give you more info on what you can expect.

There is sometimes fear around the mercury retrograde periods but I see it as a time when things need to be revisited and to make changes to areas that are not working so well for us. I put the letters Re in front of the words and find that it suit the retrograde period. Reorganise, reschedule, rethink an idea etc. But do expect some delays in travel or diversions and be willing to change direction and go with the flow rather than against it. It just might lead you on an interesting journey.

On the 7th of March is the new moon in Pisces. This new moon may bring up issues in your shadow side that may be reflecting in our opposites. It can bring an end to drama around you if you are willing to go there and move out of the feelings of being trapped.