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Media Release October 2016.

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Attention: Damian Blathersby
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DATE: October 2016

Oracle of love & beauty

ARTIST and Author, Michelle Mann of Kiel Mountain with two paintings Flame and Soulmate from the Gold Lotus Exhibition. Photo by Fiona Croft

An invitation to acclaimed local artist Michelle Mann’s Gold Lotus Exhibition – a series of 20 artworks from the new Gold Lotus Oracle Deck, plus two mixed media workshops to be held at the Old Ambulance Station in Nambour.

WHAT: These select images of love and beauty are just 20 of Michelle’s newly created deck of Gold Lotus oracle cards. These cards are packaged with a book – illuminating extended information of the intuitive divinatory readings written by Michelle. This package will be available for purchase in late November from

WHEN: Gold Lotus Exhibition 8th Nov – 6th Dec 2016 – OPENING LAUNCH: 12th November from 4-6 pm.

The Artist Tree in Mt Tamborine will hold the Gold Lotus exhibition from 19th Dec 2016 – 19th Jan 2017.

WORKSHOPS: Michelle is offering workshops for women to learn techniques to create a journal page using mixed media on Saturday 19th of Nov & Wednesday 23rd Nov from 10am -12pm. Bookings: 0412 151 593 A fee of $5 is required for tools, paint, pencils & ephemera.

Michelle’s art therapy style is a series of prompts that relate to issues and emotions to enable the participants to ‘look a bit deeper than what is on the surface’ of their lives to create an art piece that reflects what is within.

WHERE: The Old Ambulance Station Café Gallery, 70 Howard Street, Nambour

WHO: Acclaimed local artist, and now also a writer, Michelle Mann creates art in numerous modalities, including her award winning art quilts touring the USA after selection from worldwide entries.

Michelle is a married mother of four children with a Diploma in Business. She has also recently completed the Edgeware course for ‘creatives’, with Michael Doneman held at the Old Ambulance Station.

“This business course was a bit different in the planning structure. I got a lot more out of it – I found I needed to be focusing on one thing, but with 47 oracle cards to create and a book to write, it has been two years in the making.”

Michelle’s research for her product found a niche market – professional women aged 35 to 55 who are interested in the environment and spirituality invested in nurturing themselves.

Colour and beauty resonate from Michelle’s artworks. Everything Michelle creates comes from a positive and light energy with meditation, fun and spontaneity.

“When an image comes to me I start doing the sketches to get the ideas flowing. In meditation more information comes and the sketches evolve onto the canvas,” Michelle said.

This artwork has developed from years of practice, research and discovering new worlds and new ways of expression and thinking.

“I travelled to London when I was 29 and in the pre-internet days I discovered an endless array of information in the large bookshops. I felt compelled to buy the Aleister Crowley Tarot deck in large format as I was drawn to Lady Frieda Harris‘s artwork. I became familiar with this deck but I didn’t share the information that had been written by Crowley. I formed my own ideas until I bought The Tarot Handbook Practical applications of Ancient Visual Symbols by Angeles Arrien. It became my ‘go to’ book and I studied the Tarot from this book. I was fascinated with the explanations, the connection to numerology, astrology and the symbols that connect to ancient times.

“I continued on with meditation when I returned home by going to groups and them holding groups myself, inviting guests to come and give a talks and explain the type of work they were doing at the time,”

Michelle says we all have a gift for using our intuition – ‘the key is quietening the mind and listening to your heart and soul.’

“The process of using these cards is a comforting ritual. The answers lie in meditation, finding time within your busy day to just make time for yourself.”

“The cards are an instant thing to look at, to inspire you for the day, to ask questions about events that you may be going through and you can see how amazingly accurate the cards can be. Reoccurring rest and nurturing and giving yourself time. Sit in a relaxing spot to find clarity take a few moments to take a few breaths and ask in that moment ‘What am I needing right now?’”

Fiona Croft
Photographer &
Media Consultant
0417 992 086

on behalf of:

Michelle Mann
0412 151 593