Passionate Embrace – Original Abstract Art – Love Series

Passionate Embrace – Original Abstract Art – Love Series

Acrylic, ink, pencil on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm x 2.5 deep.


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Passionate Embrace
Acrylic, ink, pencil on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm x 2.5 deep
When I started to think about the things that really mattered to me, my husband and my children, my home and my environment were the first things I thought of. The feeling of being in the arms of another that you love can evoke emotion from the depths. The embrace of love as my thoughts go to my friends some who have been through it all with me and are still there. There is much to be said about the physical embrace with another, the physical warmth and the deeper connection of souls coming together. The passionate exchange of many feelings from the heart, deep passion, coming together after a long absence, the love for your parents, your pets, your environment, your friends is expressed in this moment of love.
Passionate Embrace these are the feelings I was thinking of as I went into this piece. Throughout the making of this I went through a range of emotions as there were many things happening around me. Family and extended family and friends, bush fires, floods and then a cyclone. But the one thing that I got from this is how grateful I am to have the connections of love in my life.

Michelle on her abstract art process: 

“I start with a series of mark making, lines and symbols. I use layers to build up a story and use many different tools to create texture in my art. I am always exploring different supplies, tools and ways of achieving movement and flow.

“These abstracts look even better up close, where you’ll see a variety of hidden marks and meanings within the art.”