September 2018 Numerology

We are in a 9 month in an 2018/11 world year energy. The 9 is all about completion of a cycle, endings and finalising any areas of your life that you may have outgrown. The 9 is the last whole number in the cycle and all single numbers have a stronger energy than multiples of numbers. The 9 contains the energy of all the other numbers and widens from local to worldwide.

This month you may be focusing on completion of a cycle in your life, which can feel a more significant ending than normal. There is a natural flow of cycles in and out of our life. The ending of a job or project, shifting house, relationships ending and moving on. With all endings there comes new opportunities and sometimes we can’t see the doorway until we let go and move in the new direction.

The 9 being a global number you may feel interested in world affairs, travel plans, internationalbusiness, environmental issues, education and the betterment of the planet. This month we may see protests and marches for civil rights, world issues and global projects.The 9 has a connection with spirituality, compassion and looking at the bigger picture. Also in the completion brings rewards for the hard work that has been put in to projects that you may have been working on for some time.

The astrological sign equivalent is Scorpio, the Tarot equivalent is Hermit and the World card, which is the completion of the journey of the fool. The colours are white, pearl and clear. Gems are opal. The Gold Lotus card equivalent is Dreaming Fairy.

Dreaming Fairy by Michelle Mann copyright Michelle Mann 2017 all rights reserved

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