September Reading

September Reading

September is the 9th month and the 9 vibration is ending and beginnings. The endings can sometimes be upheaval which isn’t pleasant at the time but in retrospect can be for the better. Whether it is initiated by you or changes happen around you this month will see change. This energy can bring drama and you may want to be selective about what you engage in, so pick your battles. We only have a few months left of this year and this may push to complete projects or organise your time to complete before the end of the year.

Golden Muse is the creative card in the gold Lotus Oracle, it can bring a burst of creativity or your mind May light 💡 up with ideas. It can also be the birth of new ideas and projects as well as the birth of the human kind. The golden muse relates to the sacral chakra and can bring up issues around relationships, bringing your attention to the relationship with self.

Lilliana is all about your intuition and stepping into the light 💡 this little pixie hides under the brush and leaves. She uses her intuition and courage to shine her beautiful light out into the world. A reminder to feel the fear and do it anyway. Use your intuition to choose when and where you need to step out.

Solar plexus chakra the 3rd chakra and the colour yellow. Issues in this chakra can be around person power. If there are issues around giving your power to others this is a reminder that it stops now. Others will take advantage of your giving energy. Put up boundaries and say no more often and be selective when choosing where your energy goes. Close your eyes and visualise the sun shining into the solar plexus chakra just around the ribs area filling the area with 💡 affirmation: I am powerful.

In the studioIn the Studio
“Evoke Modern Studio Artists exhibition” 
Special invitation to a group exhibition Opening
When Saturday 2nd September at 4pm-6pm
Where Vianta Cafe and bar
Join myself and fellow artists to celebrate the opening of our group exhibition.

 EVOKE MODERN STUDIO ARTISTS Please add the journey slice here.

I’m excited to be part of an exhibition with my Wednesday painting group.  Vianta cafe and bar is a perfect place for lunch or coffee and cake and view some beautiful art. If you are local this exhibition is running for 2 months and opening evening is 2nd September 4-6pm. If you would like to attend the opening event please reply to this by hitting reply or go to the facebook event here  or phone 0412151593 to book in. Vianta Cafe and Bar address is 3/70 Simpson street, Beerwah, Qld.Exhibition (28 Aug 2023-28 October 2023)This exhibition reflects the works by six Sunshine Coast artists. Cheryl McGannon, Michelle Mann, Lyn McBain, Corol White, Alyssa McBain and Fiona Lynch. For the past few years these six woman have been painting together one morning per week at Evoke Modern Studios in Doonan. All the artists come from very diverse backgrounds, they work mostly in the medium of cold wax and oils. Each artist has their own distinct style, the works represented in this exhibition lean towards abstraction.The paintings each artist selected for this mini exhibition, seduce, with their range of varied colours, compositions, mark making, movement, textures and themes. Some works reflect on their relationship to the landscape, others personal internal journeys.This exhibition embraces the spirit of transformation from beauty and disquiet from one artist’s journey to another.

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