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“Enjoy the comforting ritual of your own instant card reading on the go – whenever you are looking for guidance or answers. Taking time to work with the cards is also a lovely way to enjoy quiet time for you! Whether you’re looking for inspiration for the day ahead, guidance to work through a challenge or any question you may have, the cards are reading and waiting – just a click away.  Sit in a relaxing spot to find clarity take a few moments to take a few breaths and ask in that moment ‘What am I needing right now?”

~ Michelle Mann

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The Past, Present and Future spread 

  1. Click on each card to flip and reveal your cards.
  2. Click again to turn the card and read the meaning behind your message
  3. Go within and feel into the message of each card.  Your inner guidance and intuition will help you to gain an overall understanding of the question or situation you had in mind
  4. Click the arrows on the top left-hand side of the card deck to shuffle and ask another question
  5. If you have your Gold Lotus Oracle book you can read in more detail about each card

This deck vibrates with light, positivity and divine accuracy.

Strength Card

You have chosen this card to build your strength and power. Are you in a situation where you need to fight for your rights? Are you confronted with a situation that you need to call on your warrior energy? It is time to become passionate and have courage about what you believe in. It’s time to use your voice and communicate directly what you need to say. It can be a time to move forward in positive energy. It is a good time to release any negative energy, self-doubt and anger into something positive, perhaps exercise or dance. Take a deep cleansing breath and focus on the place in your body where your strength lies. Feel it rising to fill all parts of yourself, regaining your maximum strength.

Blue Angel Card

Blue angel is here to comfort and calm you. She is letting you know that your loved ones who have passed over are safe, comfortable, and trouble-free. She is the bridge or connection between worlds. Allow the feeling to flow through you and comfort you. Release any fears or problems you have around your loved ones on the other side to her, and she will answer them. It could be an anniversary of a passing and a time of remembrance for those we love.

Dreaming Fairy Card

Do you record your dreams? This card represents dreaming and messages coming to you through your dreams. If you have interest in dreams or astral travel this is an excellent time to read and research these subjects. If you are aware that you are astral travelling it is wise to read information about leaving and re-entering your body. Don’t be afraid. Your angels are always with you and you are safe when you travel.

About the Gold Lotus Oracle Cards

These award winning Gold Lotus Oracle deck and accompanying book are a combination of beautifully painted images and spiritual insight.

This beautiful deck has been exquisitely painted by mixed media artist Michelle Mann, with each of the 47 cards being vibrant and rich with colour.

The Gold Lotus Oracle cards can be used with the additional booklet for general meanings or with the Gold Lotus Oracle Book to give a more detailed explanation.

The book also contains crystal vibrations, numerology, yoga poses, meditations and affirmations that vibrate with each card making this deck an invaluable healing tool.

Stunning Gold Lotus Oracle Card Deck with Book - Michelle Mann

Featuring 47 stunning cards designed with gold foil lotus and edges.