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Michelle Mann Artist & Psychic
Michelle Mann artist and spiritual healer
Michelle Mann

Award Winning Visionary

Michelle Mann is an award winning visionary and leading sunshine coast artist. 

She is your guide to Art and Spirit. 

Michelle has been communicating with spirit since childhood and for many years has been sharing this gift through readings and healings, numerology and art workshops.

Michelle also is author and artist of the highly acclaimed Gold Lotus Oracle Card deck.Gold Lotus Oracle Cards

Do you feel like you need direction? Perhaps you feel like your body or mind needs a gentle healing session?

“It can be frustrating feeling like you’re not getting anywhere, but the great news is I can help you.

All my services delivered in person, Zoom or online.

I look forward to helping you.”

Michelle x

Upcoming open studio on the sunshine coast

On Friday the 19th May, 20th, 21st, 23rd & 24th May I’ll be opening my studio to the public to come and view my artwork. If you’d like to attend please pop a message in the contact form by clicking the button below so I can send through the location details. 

See you there!

"Insightful and Uplifting..."

Readings and Healings

Are you feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed and need some direction?  Or maybe your body needs a gentle healing session? Choose your session below. I look forward to guiding you!

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Michelle Mann 90 minute Reading Healing combo session
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How a Reading Can Help You

There are many times in our lives we lack clarity, feel alone or just downright frustrated and confused!

An oracle card reading can give you insight around specific situations or questions you may have and provide guidance for your next step. Many people use oracle card readings to gain clarity, relieve stress and make better decisions in their life.

What sort of reading would you like?

You may be feeling like a free instant reading online now, a personalised reading by Michelle  or a Collective Reading that Michelle offers in her monthly newsletters.

Super Special Gift Bundle

Gold Lotus Oracle Card special pack bonus keyring

Gold Lotus Oracle Deck - Gift Bundle

The Gold Lotus Oracle Deck (while stocks last)
Your Gift pack includes:
  • Gold Lotus Oracle deck
  • Gold Lotus Oracle Book     signed by author
  • Gold Lotus Talisman that can attach to your keys or handbag
  • A Beautiful Crystal charm bracelet in your choice of Sterling Silver or 14 ct Gold Plate
  • Plus a greeting card that can be sent along with your gift with your personal sentiment.    
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Find Your Power in Numerology

How can we stay positive, strong and achieve our goals when we’re surrounded with so much uncertainty and collective fear?

Your numerology report for your personal year ahead can help you rise above what’s happening around you. Your report holds so much information about you and how it interrelates with the current year. 

Understanding what energy you are personally experiencing will help you plan ahead and achieve your goals.

Michelle has designed a numerology report for your personal year ahead based on your birthdate This is calculated along with the current year to help you navigate the year ahead.

Is it time to find your power?

The Power of Art

Michelle Mann is a mixed media artist and illustrator whose vibrant, joyful and whimsical work is inspired by nature, spirituality and a colourful imagination.

Michelle’s  most ambitious project to date is the creation of the Gold Lotus Oracle deck, a set of cards and accompanying book used for guidance and self-growth.


This project brought together her experience as an artist, psychic medium and teacher to create 47 paintings that were used to illustrate the individual cards as well as writing the accompanying book. The Gold Lotus Painting series were exhibited as part of the project and has resulted in awards including COVR industry awards for both deck and book.

It is the intersection of painting, writing and spirituality that holds Michelle’s fascination and underpins all that she creates – whether abstract or figurative paintings in oil and acrylic, or the children’s book illustrations, pattern design and unique travel journals that round out her creative practice.

Michelle’s work is held by collectors both nationally and internationally. Michelle has been exhibiting since 2016 in galleries in South East Queensland and Sydney.

"Michelle has such a beautiful gentle nature and has a true gift of insight. We highly recommend her for personal sessions and her Gold Lotus Cards are the best!"

Receive Monthly Insights

Receive a collective card reading every month as well as Michelle’s musings, artwork and a tarot for the month. 
PLUS get 10% discount voucher for anything in my shop.

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