Summer Vibes

17.5 cm x 59 cm x 3cm timber edging


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Summer Vibes
17.5 cm x 59 cm x 3cm timber edging

The Australian Summer sunsets are a mixture of vibrant colour and moodiness of the evening sky. I love to watch the colours change until the mauves and purples arrive. As I painted this series I was reminding myself of the things I love in Summer; watermelon triangles, the smell of stone fruit, outdoor evenings by the pool, time with friends and family and the beautiful strawberry sunsets.

My Summer memories here in Queensland of the steamy hot tropical nights, the sounds of thunder in the distance and the smell of rain are all mixed in together. That pleasant breeze that comes as the rain starts and the sigh of relief as the temperature drops.

Celebrations with friends and family, champagne and fireworks, these are a few of my favourite things. Seeing the year out, reflecting on that time, what I have let go of and what is to come in this brand New Year ahead.

Michelle on her abstract art process: 

“I start with a series of mark making, lines and symbols. I use layers to build up a story and use many different tools to create texture in my art. I am always exploring different supplies, tools and ways of achieving movement and flow.

“These abstracts look even better up close, where you’ll see a variety of hidden marks and meanings within the art.”