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Upcoming Workshops & Exhibitions

In Person ArtPlay Workshop

When: Thursday, June 20th Art Workshop
Where: My Studio at Woombye
Time: 9.30-12 noon

ArtPlay- ArtPlay is an exploration of mark-making, abstraction and using a limited palette. In this 2.5-hour workshop, we will explore different tools and mediums to create an artwork that is truly originally yours.


Healing Hand Art Workshop | Online

In this art workshop with Michelle Mann you will learn about creating a beautiful reflection of your hand including a prayer or affirmation of your choice on canvas.  You will be able to hang this art piece in your home or workspace for continued healing and meditation inspiration. This is a fun and interesting workshop and you will come away with lots of ideas and techniques that help you feel confident to go on with after the completing the online module. Bonus modules on the eye and goddess. Click here to book.

Mixed Media Play Workshop | Online

This is an introduction to Mixed Media Play. Using water colour paper I build up layers. I allow the paper to dry and then work into each to create a playful exercise without the pressure of a outcome. It’s just for fun, opening up our childlike selves and finding the playful artist. Click here to book.

Cosmic Colours Intuitive Art Workshop

Using the Gold Lotus Oracle Deck as a starting point we go within and explore with journaling as this becomes the foundation behind your art piece. Ignite the muse within and complete a colourful art piece guided by Michelle Mann. Click here to learn more.

Moon Circle Meditations Bundle

A collection of guided meditations from the Monthly Moon Circle group Click here to learn more.

Tarot and Oracle Card Readers Certified Course

Learning to read Oracle and Tarot Cards. In this course you will learn all that you need to either start your own spiritual business or as an addition to your existing spiritual practice with the addition of card reading. Click here to book.

Tarot Quiz – Find Out Your Personal Year &Tarot Card Symbol

Find Your Tarot Card Symbol For This Current Year. Click here to book.

Liquid Crystal Desert Meditation

A quick meditation to clear and energise. Click here to book.

Live your Dream Life – Setting Long and Short Term Goals

Setting Long and Short term goals with Gold Lotus Oracle Deck. Click here to book.

Gold Lotus Meditation  Online

Free Introduction to Reading Oracle Cards with Gold Lotus

Healing Meditation Online