Gold Lotus Oracle Book

Michelle Mann’s larger format comprehensive Gold Lotus Oracle Book is full of essential daily meditations, yoga guidance, crystal healing, numerology, insightful life stories and a deeper guide to each Gold Lotus Oracle Card – jam packed into 226 pages.




Gold Lotus Oracle Book

Unfolding the Flower of Consciousness

Award winning Gold Lotus Oracle Book can be used on its own or as an extended accompaniment to the Gold Lotus Oracle Deck. It contains crystal vibrations, numerology, yoga poses, meditations and affirmations that vibrate with each cards making this book an invaluable healing tool for yourself or others.

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Weight0.375 g
Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 cm
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A5 format book 226 pages – published separately to the Gold Lotus Oracle Deck: much more information, stories, and a broader variety and depth of guidance material than the small book that comes in the Gold Lotus Oracle Deck box. Includes guidance in the practices of Yoga, Numerology, Meditation, Crystal Healing & more.


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