Fruit Salad- Original Art on Paper

Fruit Salad- Original Art on Paper

Fruit Salad: There is nothing like the freshness of the smell of fruit salad in a bowl. The combination of flavours and textures are unique. I was transported back to my nana’s kitchen where you could smell the fresh home grown fruit. The crispness in the air and a hint of spring morning. This would be wonderful in any room and will give an area a feeling of freshness with a cherry on top.

This is an unframed original on A3 300gsm watercolour paper. (29.5 x 41.5 cm)


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Michelle on her abstract art process: 

“I start with a series of mark making, lines and symbols. I use layers to build up a story and use many different tools to create texture in my art. I am always exploring different supplies, tools and ways of achieving movement and flow.

“These abstracts look even better up close, where you’ll see a variety of hidden marks and meanings within the art.”