April Oracle Reading

April Oracle Reading

Queens and Princesses

you may be called upon to share skills or knowledge with others, especially women and younger women. Creating a culture that encourages others to learn and grow. Your skill is valuable to those in the community and sharing can be a rewarding way to give back. This can be in many forms and sometimes unexpected, mentoring, teaching, in conversation, through writing etc.

Moon goddess

this card came out in the full moon spread on social media The last full Moon was potent and powerful. Whatever you planted in the recent new moon is now sprouting ideas and opportunities. Use this moon energy to manifest your dreams.

Throat chakra-ohhh boy.

Saying what you think out loud.  this Aries energy may have you talking with speed so watch out for foot-in-mouth disease.  pick your battles and think before you speak. Communication and relating are important this month. Use other ways of expressing yourself through art or craft, cooking, gardening writing, journaling etc. 

Moon cycles for April

  • The new moon on 9th April
  • Full moon lunar eclipse on 24th April
  • Retro Mercury starts on 1st April-25th

A big month astrology-wise, the 9th of April new moon and total eclipse in Aries which will affect economics, immigration, and electric power over the next 6 months. You may be feeling more energetic and have new opportunities, new cycles are opening now.

24th April full moon shining light on whatever seeds you sowed in the new moon. Eclipse time is a warning and in the past times seen as a warning from the gods. Things happen suddenly and changes can follow.

On the 1st of April, we will go into mercury retrograde and you may feel the effects of this from the 18th March. Put some alternative measures in for travel delays. Things change suddenly in this retrograde energy.

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