Reading for March

Reading for March

Michelle Mann March Oracle Reading

March is a 3 energy and you may feel at times more emotional, sensitive and playful. In this 3 energy use clear communication and inject some fun activities to lighten the mood. Creativity is a great way to convey communication this month.

Angel of peace

This beautiful angel is around you to bring peace and comfort. She wraps her loving wings around you to guide you through with messages of peace. It may be a time of healing when you are needing to be cared for or when you feel the need to help others. You May start a practice of self-care or receive regular healing sessions.

Dreaming Fairy

The state you feel when you are in that place between being awake and dreaming. Floating between worlds. The veil is thin and subconsciously we connect with loved ones on the other side. Also, Astral travel through this time can take us to explore other worlds. Pisces time can be dreamy so keep a dream journal handy and keep your eyes closed until you recall your dream and then take notes. You may feel a heightened sense of intuition and knowing. Trust your intuition. 


Much needed rest through this month. For some who have been running on low range, continuous stress will need to make changes and rectify life situations to relieve these stresses. If you are feeling way too busy, schedule into your dairy a space just for a massage, soothing bath, or reading -not work-related or meditation so that you block out this time just for you.

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