Reading for February 

Reading for February 

February Reading

Crown Chakra 

Connecting with spirit and expansion of your spiritual journey. The crown chakra combines all colours of the rainbow and all colours pass through the crown first. Allow the spectrum of colours to merge together to form a waterfall of light energy around you. Our spiritual journey often comes through life experiences where we least expect it. Open to the expansive possibilities that arise when we go within.

Angel of peace 

The angel of peace comes around you to comfort you in this time. She wraps her loving wings around you to guide you through with messages of peace. It may be a time of healing when you need to be cared for or when you feel the need to help others. You May start a practice of self-care or receive regular healing sessions.

Integration healing hand

We can become fragmented through different stress periods and need healing. You may be a gifted healer and maybe helping others through difficult times right now. Learning to recognise the times when we need time out and change our self-care routine. The message coming through is February will be a month of self-care, healing and expansion of our spiritual journey. February is a 2 vibration and is sensitive, intuitive and emotional so I see that reflected in the cards above. It is often through relationships that we learn the most about ourselves and others around us. The 2 vibrations added to the 8-year energy is a 10/1 energy and we may experience beginnings and new opportunities in February. I feel this month will be a big change month for most of us.

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