Blood Moon & August 2018 Numerology

We have just gone through a powerful Blood Moon and eclipse on the 28th.  I felt it was an important portal for us. In our meditation group on the Friday we discussed the energy we were all feeling and for some of us, letting go of old and new issues. For others fear and anxiety about future things that haven’t happened yet. As this is what anxiety is – “a fear of something that is in the future”. I would love any feedback on how it may have affected you. We are in Mercury retrograde (as well as some other planets) also ’til August 19th and can affect travel plans, and forms of communication.

Your Numerology Report for this Month:

We are in a 8 month in an 2018/11 world year energy. The 8 is all about power. Of all of the numbers the 8 is one of the most powerful numbers.

This month you may be focusing on using your personal power, money power, or business power – which are all just examples of this dynamic number. You may feel more positive about a project or venture than you have in the past.

It is also a good time for large purchases, dealings with the banks, signing contracts etc. The 8 is also the problem solver so ideas may come to help areas that have until now been hard to deal with. It is the number of authority, expansion, money and achievement. This month you might be getting things organised, ordered and focused on the future ahead. Fears can come up around the 8, stay focused on the goal and choose everyday what kind of day you want to have.

The astrological sign equivalent is Capricorn, the Tarot equivalent is Strength, the colours are Rose and Pink, and crystals are rose quartz and diamond. The Gold Lotus card equivalent is Doorway of Light.

Doorway of Light by Michelle Mann copyright Michelle Mann 2017 all rights reserved

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