Breaking Traditions 2013 – Art Quilt with embellishments

Breaking Tradition - Art Quilt with embellishments 2013 - detail

This art quilt was accepted into the Houston Texas USA quilt show “Festival Of Quilts”: the theme for 2013 was Tradition.

The quilt then toured the USA as part of a travelling Art Quilt exhibition until 2015.

Michelle’s notes:

“My title is “Breaking Tradition” and I worked around the theme of my spiritual journey from being bought up Catholic and how my pathways went in different directions – some good and some not so good, to come to where I am today on the path of life.

I have memories of my grandfather who was a bit fanatical about going to church every Sunday and we were lined up and off we would go rain, hail or shine. Although he was good to me and my siblings he was forthright about what we should and shouldn’t do and then of course he would inevitably be caught out doing something he had said you shouldn’t do!

Although born in Australia he had a strong Irish heritage and loved to sing and play the accordion.

The main colours in this art quilt are lime green and red violet. I dyed most of the fabric to go in it. I think there was only one piece of commercial fabric in it.”

Michelle Mann with her Breaking Traditions Quilt

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