Choosing the Perfect Art for Your Home

Wall art defines your home. It is an important way to express your identity in your space, and help you feel relaxed and at home.


That’s why you shouldn’t just head to Kmart and pick up a $6 stock photo (unless of course, it really resonates with you!). Instead, be willing to spend a little extra and look a little further for a piece that you can really relate to. Check out original art from local artists, and spend time looking at different styles, colours and textured pieces.


There’s a few key tips when choosing the perfect piece of art for your home.


1. Pick what you like. If the piece doesn’t talk to you, or make you feel something, don’t put it on your wall.


2. Think about colour. You want your piece to look good in your home and not out of place. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pick a bright, bold artwork – just keep your colour scheme and furnishings in mind. A white wall provides a great canvas for a loud, colourful piece, whilst feature walls present some limitations.


3. If you like an artist, buy more than one artwork! If you have three pieces by the same artist on a wall, but they’re different colours, don’t worry about it. The artist’s style will tie them together.


4. Size does matter. A big wall calls for a big artwork. Similarly, if you have a busy room, a large artwork will work much better than a few small art works. In a more contemporary room, you can “create” a large artwork with smaller, complimentary pieces hung together.


5. Don’t be afraid of change. If you find an artwork isn’t working for you, move it to a different position, or look for something else. Change can be refreshing, and you shouldn’t feel limited to the  number of wall hooks you have in your home. Shuffle your pieces, and have some fun with your decor.


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