Personal Numbers & October Numerology

Did you know we all have personal numbers?

As well as our monthly energy, in this blog I will look closer at the way our personal numbers come into play. Numerology is complex in that it can take time to learn but just knowing your ruling number and the personal year you are in can help you in so many ways.

Knowing what personal year you are in can help you to plan your goals and understanding your ruling number can give you insight into why you are like you are. It’s like having your personal blueprint. Continue reading to work out your your ruling number and next month I’ll explain your personal year number. (Stay tuned to my newsletter over the next year to hear about each number and how it can affect you personally).

October & the 10 energy

This month’s energy 10 is wonderful month to fire up ideas for the following year. It is the perfect time to do your vision board for the year ahead. I find this month that I start my vision board and revise it in January again as things change your goals will. I mentioned last month that around this time of year for about 6 weeks a window opens and you can get a feel or view of what is coming in next year. Then it closes and it can help you to finish off these next few months. It is also great to look at finishing projects and completion of things that you want to round off by years end. When you look back at the past 9months do you feel as if you have achieved what you set out to do? I would love your comments on this.

October is the 10th month in Numerology and when you look at the number 10 (or any double numbers) each number has its own vibration… so combinations of numbers have their own unique energy.

Looking at number 1 it is a dynamic number full of energy; strong and determined. It is a solitary number and if you add your birthdate, month and year you were born and it reduces to number 1 you will be a strong individual, lonely at times but determined to achieve what goals you set for yourself. Ones are the leaders in society, they can be the head of company or in charge of their area but as they mature they would be happiest if they have their own business and they usually are very head strong and don’t give up easily.

If you were born this month, happy birthday. You will have a 10 as your relationship number which is emphasised by the zero. Your relationship number is the month you were born. Having a zero next to any number magnifies that number in front. Again also has the traits of the 1 energy but magnified. Even in a relationship you can feel lonely or like your solitude and possibly like being on your own at times. You will butt heads when you dig your heals in if you are determined to achieve a goal or will like to steer the ship in the relationship.

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