Clear Your Energy & Environment

Clear Your Energy & Environment

To feel the best you can, it’s important to clear the energy both inside of you, and around you. Read on to find out my tips on how to do this…

Clearing your Energy

You can clear your energy with a number of things- smudge sticks and incense are great to clear your aura and your environment. Also a dip in the ocean if you live near one or a salt(crystal) is fantastic, and add some magnesium flakes to the water if you have them. If you don’t have a bath you can add salt and magnesium to a bucket of warm water and standing in your shower, bathe in the water with a flannel or washer and allow a few minutes for your body to adsorb the magnesium into your skin, then rinse. Magnesium is wonderful for the muscles. Add a couple of your favourite oils to create an aromatherapy experience.

Clearing your Environment

Clear your environment with with visualisation: imagine a snow storm or I sometimes I like to use an ocean wave and see it blowing or sweeping through your home office or work area. See all of the corners being cleansed and sparkling as it moves through each room. I visualise all of the curtains and blinds moving as I go from one room to another.

Use incense and smudge sticks as above. Place rock salt in areas of your home that need a little extra (eg. if there has been arguments/disagreements in an area in the home, you can leave some rock salt in a little bowl to absorb any residual energy.)

Putting flowers in your environment can add another element and are so visually and emotionally pleasing. Other things are crystals, shells, and plants to name a few.