February 2018 Numerology Report

February 2018 Numerology Report

Wow, the full moon energy has been intense lately! I have had clients asking me-what’s happening? I felt like I was walking through mud, I was tired for a few days leading up to the full moon and I feel like I need a restart and clean slate to start the year off again. When this type of intense energy comes in for me I know I have to rest and go with it until it passes. If I try to dig in and push it is a lesser version of myself and I sometimes have to repeat things I’m not happy with. This full moon was at 11` and as we are in an 11 year it is an 11-11 doorway. I would love your comments on how you all got through this full moon. We are having a solar eclipse on the 16th February.

Let’s Start with Your Numerology Report for this Month:

We are in a 2 month in an 2018/11 world year energy. The 2 is all about relationships, balance and harmony. It starts with the relationship with self. Ask yourself “what am I needing in my life now?” If you are reassessing your original goals for 2018 that is fantastic as I feel this year is about to start.

Balance comes in all aspects of life, including money, relationships, home and work, health etc. You might be looking at paying off debt or making changes to your work, home, and health for more balance. This month can be about cooperation with others to make something better.

2 is a feminine number, its colours are orange, peach, salmon and gold. It is a sensitive, loving, receptive number. Intuition is heightened and as in the January numerology, this being an 11 master number year it is heightened again. The Tarot card High Priestess is the equivalent to the #2 and moonstone is the gem.

The Gold Lotus card is Amatheia the beautiful mermaid.

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