Numerology Report for 2018 & January

 2+0+1+8 = 11/2

This year’s energy will be an 11/2, a master number and the number of the master manifestor, so the year will be a little more gentle, feminine, softer and more nurturing. Our intuition will be heightened naturally, so it is a perfect year if you are wanting to increase your ability and the connection with self.

This 2 is also wonderful if you are wanting to launch into a project that you have been considering or if you have been planting a seed in the 1 energy of 2017. In this 11/2 you can get scattered and easily lose your way so the setting of goals and being accountable, organised and seeing it through will be the key, as the 11/2 is vibrating on a higher level than a normal 2 vibration.

It is also emotional and there will be highs and lows as we always do have but with more intensity. Our senses are heightened, so the need for balance will come into play. Balance is crucial, especially in our feelings and emotions. When these feelings become overwhelming go within, take a deep breath and regain your clarity and focus on going a little above what is happening and ask the question. “Is this ………in perfect balance for me”? You can insert any word here that describes what might be happening for you and wait for your answer. Or you can close your eyes and imagine you are seeing it from the outside as if you are looking at the situation or issue.

The month of January is a 1 month and is perfect for new beginnings. 1 is independent, strong, and resourceful. 1 stands alone but does like the company of another. It can be lonely so reach out if you need to a friend or neighbour. It can be a great time to set your goals for 2018.

Now…Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?

I like to make Visions rather than Resolutions. I usually do my vision board in December but I did it earlier this year. I did one in early November and then again at a course in later November. They were different but had a common theme. I am wanting some rest and relaxation this year with a bit of travel thrown in. And of course Art.

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