Happy New Year: 2020 Numerology

Numerology for 2020 is an interesting year in numerology, as it reduces to a 22 master number but has the two 0’s that enhance or illuminate the 2’s.

As we are entering this new energy you may notice the sensitivity of the two 2’s. They are intuitive, feminine, soft, but a strong energy. Being a master number (22) this year will vibrate higher than a normal 4 but encompass all energy of the 2’s and the 4. It can be a nervous energy, and tensions can run high. I feel that in the area of climate change there will be more information to show that this is normal evolution, but the issues of our earth are many with forest destruction, pollution, homelessness, wildlife preservation and the list goes on and on. The emotions will run high and cooperation both inner and outer are key to solutions. There will be high tension in these areas as we move to put foundations in place.

The 22 can live in a fools paradise and feel like there is a lot achieved but achieving nothing in the end. It can be a year of great loss. The topic of foundations came up in the last newsletter and it is within the 4 energy. If foundations are shaky the rest will crumble. The 22 can be manipulative, ruthless, rigid, dictatorial, and obsessed with power… we will be watching the power struggles with leaders in politics and other power plays.

The 4 energy will see changes in health-including sustainable food, water in our health sector, banks and banking, economy and I feel in mental health as well. This will be a working year (putting in foundations for our future) and can feel like all work and no play, so I urge you to add play into your activities as often as you can.

On a lighter note, the 22 is a spiritual energy that if you can step back from the emotional will see intuition take over automatically to give you guidance.

January Numerology

Number 1 in numerology is masculine and strong. It is a very individual number and doesn’t need anyone’s help. It is the number of the leader not the follower. January will see the beginning of this new decade and I feel with many firsts. New ideas, new beginnings, a new start to projects, employment etc. It can be assertive, aggressive, but have great courage and purpose. The ideas that come in this month of January will need support to come into fruition. Combined with the world energy of 22 it will be an interesting month and I feel the changes will continue to March of the initiation of new ideas for a better future.