Reflections on my journey (so far)

Reflections on my journey (so far)

As it has been a little over 2 years since I launched Gold Lotus deck and book and wanted to tell you about the journey so far.

I started this project in 2014 when I began the artwork for an oracle deck that I didn’t have a name for. At that time I wasn’t sure whether it would happen or not and my intention was to make it even if it was just for my students and friends. The drawings and ideas soon took on a life of their own and I decided to paint some of them on canvas.

My first exhibitions

I was encouraged to apply for an art grant through the local council and was rejected three times. I went back and asked what I could have improved and had a meeting with one of the board members at the time and felt very fortunate to receive a small grant and was offered an exhibition space to hold a solo exhibition. I started out doing 20 canvases that were from the Gold Lotus art for the oracle deck in that first exhibition. And from that exhibition I was given another gallery space for a second exhibition in 2017 of all 47 canvases and applied for another art grant that helped to support the funds needed for that space. I was very overwhelmed when I tried to visualise the whole 47 together I didn’t think I would be able to do it.

With the canvases lined up one by one I launched into it and I was amazed to see all the canvases together when they were curated by Cathy Money at the Butter Factory Gallery at Cooroy. The Gold Lotus exhibition opening was wonderful and my friends, family and supporters all attended. It was a fabulous party atmosphere and I thank all who attended. 

Friends, family & supporters at my Cooroy Exhibition

Publishing the book and deck

Throughout that time I was also going through the minefield of self publishing for both the cards and the accompanying book. I learnt so much in this year and I thought that it would not take long to be in my hands but if you have ever written a book or deck of cards you will know it takes a lot longer than you think. Think of a time and double it.

I wanted a book that was an expansion on the small booklet (included with the deck) and more information for those who want to learn to read for themselves. I wanted to add yoga into my book as I have been a yoga student for most of my adult life and I know that it can help shift energy through the physical body. The yoga poses are for moving the energy that we can hold in our bodies to release.

Our physical bodies hold that emotional energy and choosing a few cards you can add these to your flow to move that out. To use Gold Lotus for yoga, choose around 5 to 6 cards as you think of an issue or just ask “what am I needing today?”. I usually start off with mountain pose and stillness then I move into salute to the sun on both sides twice and add in the poses of the cards I have chosen. Then finish with some stretching and corpse pose to meditate and centre my energy to complete… but you can do it any way you please for your flow.

My art practice has evolved since the series of Gold Lotus and am constantly learning and experimenting. Lately with abstract which I am loving. Many of the Gold Lotus art works have been sold and now in collections in Australia and USA. From the Gold Lotus art I have produced prints, posters, journals, tote bags, phone covers, coffee mugs and greeting cards that have gone all over the world.

A recent abstract: Galaxy of Light 1

My tarot & spiritual foundations

My love for tarot and oracle started early in my 20’s. I started reading Tarot in my late twenties and teaching others to read was very rewarding. I still love my tarot decks and have a small collection that are loved. I continue to teach tarot, oracle reading, meditation, and goal setting online

It has been a busy time…

In this time I have had two solo exhibitions, had radio interviews with ABC, UR1 Psychic Radio in USA and Noosa FM, magazine and newspaper articles, many expos, festivals, book reviews, library talks, Facebook reviews, local and interstate shops that stock Gold Lotus products, many book signings… just to name a few.

I’ve had a lot of help along the way and the synchronicity of meeting the right person at the right time on every step of the way was magical, not to mention all the learning, all the mistakes, and all of the times I’ve said “what am I doing?”. I’m am truly grateful for all the wonderful support I’ve had over this time and I salute you my supporters as it wouldn’t be the success it is today without you.

I receive many compliments and get messages and emails from those who have enjoyed the Gold Lotus Deck and book. I have sold over 1,500 gold lotus decks and over 700 books. The decks and books have travelled all over the world. Some of the reviews are on my website and Facebook.

Being interviewed by Jo Falla (Noosa FM) live on air!

Reflections on the last decade

The last few weeks of 2019 has been a great time of reflection both in work and life. I have been looking back to the past decade and have travelled to Melbourne a few times, Sydney as well, Phuket, Thailand with Jamie and my 4 kids, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Canada and USA.

I had my daughter taken from me by her biological father and then my partner and I went through the family law courts three times to get custody of my two children… as you can imagine this took a huge toll on my family and myself. I got married in 2013 after being with my partner for 15 years. I have also lost some relatives and friends over these years as well as my mum end at the end of 2018 and my beautiful dog Simba in 2019.

Myself and my husband Jamie on a trip along the Great Ocean Road.

I’ve watched my four children graduate from high school, my eldest daughter go through uni and receive a degree in Journalism, my eldest daughter and son travel to Europe at separate times, my daughter travel to USA and my son travel to Canada for work twice. I’m so proud of all of them and they are all very different.

I have attended many courses on art, business, marketing and promotion, and met some incredible people along the way.  I had no idea that Gold Lotus would have gone as far as it has and helped so many people. Behind the scenes I had a lot of help from Kylie who set up my website and helped me throughout the early days of promoting and marketing. My daughter Eliza-Jane has been wonderful in her work on web changes and newsletters. And recently Alexa who is helping me with website and marketing along with Karen and Katy from Jam marketing. Thank you all so much, I could do this without you.

I am still doing psychic readings for my clients which I love. I really do enjoy healing and mentoring others who are on their spiritual journey. Seeing them becoming more open to receive, able to get through those roadblocks we sometimes have and enjoying their lives more.

I am attending and teaching at a retreat in March at Noosa. Plus, I’m really excited to be planning an art and culture retreat to Vietnam this year that will include art lessons with Amanda and myself, cooking classes, and visit to a pottery village…. more info on all this will be in the next few newsletters.

Coming up is my “Beyond the Muse” exhibition with Jane Marin, Monika Debrowska and myself in May and 2 consignments that I’m working on in 2020. I will let you in on one little secret that one of these may be another oracle, but more on that soon…

Thank you ALL for sharing this wonderful journey with me.