How to Use a Pendulum

How to Use a Pendulum

A pendulum is used as a form of divination. It is a fantastic tool for a beginner or if you are learning about how energy works etc. It is exceptional for simple yes and no questions but can become more complex with practice. The crystal will adapt to your energy once you clear it and charge it with your intension and personal energy.

Pendulums come in many forms, more commonly with crystal in many sizes and shapes. Most shapes forming a point or tear drop shaped upside down from a chain. When holding your pendulum use the chain over your index finger.

How does a pendulum work?

The pendulum connects with your subconscious- Bridge or connection to your soul- to influence the swaying of the pendulum to produce answers to questions you may ask. You may notice a slight movement in your arm as the energy in your body directs the pendulum.

Start by clearing your crystal and charging it with your intension. Clear by holding it in your hands and saying e.g. “I clear this crystal of any other energies it may hold and return it to neutral. I charge this crystal pendulum with the intension to guide me in my questions from my subconsciousness.”

What is yes and no to you? First decide what will be a yes and no for you. It could be either an up and down motion or a swinging in a circle motion. It is up to you and when you have it in your mind you can say this is my yes and this is my no by using the pendulum in that motion. It could be swinging in an anti-clockwise motion or clockwise motion for your yes and no. Be clear about your decision so as not to cause confusion with your subconscious mind.

Start by asking simple questions of your pendulum like. Is my name……………? Did I have an orange for lunch? Will I have more fun going on to this holiday destination or that one? To determined that the pendulum is connecting with you.

To get more in depth with your pendulum answers you could use a chart to help give you a more accurate answer. Or you can make your own. There are many on google images that you can download and print out.

Remember that it can take practice to get more accurate with your pendulum. The more you use it the better you get at knowing the behaviour of your crystal.

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