The Eight Chakras in Gold Lotus

The Eight Chakras in Gold Lotus

Chakras are the centres in our body in which energy flows. Maintaining healthy chakras can ensure a healthy body, as blocked chakras are often at the root of many illnesses.

You may have noticed in that there are 8 chakras included in the 47-card Gold Lotus Oracle Deck, which include the following:


The Base Chakra

The base (or root) chakra located at the base of your spine, and our centre of survival.

It governs the adrenal glands, bones, coccygeal nerve plexus, legs, kidney and teeth. It also governs illness in the base area including constipation, UTIs and kidney stones.

Issues around money, finances, home, security and culture will arise in this chakra.




The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is located at the top of your head and is the connection to the higher self.

It governs the pineal gland and illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and forms of dementia. It’s associated with memory loss, infusion and the emotions of anger and feelings of frustration.

Daily meditation and prayer can help strengthen this chakra, and provide you clarity and stillness of the mind and body.




The Ear Chakra

Located above our ears, the ear chakra is governed by the colour magenta. Our ears are sensitive to both the sounds around us, and the hidden sounds of the ethereal plane.

If our ear chakras are blocked, hearing loss, vertigo and other association physical issues can result.

The ear chakra can be particularly important, as it is also your spiritual hearing or clairaudience (the ability to hear spirit).




The Heart Chakra

Located in the chest, the heart chakra governs the heart, lungs, circulatory system, thymus gland, hands, skin, and upper back.

Problems in this area can be breast cancer, heart disease, rashes and low immune system.

The heart chakra governs unconditional love with self and others.





The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the colour orange, and located in the abdomen, just under the belly button.

It governs the intestines, sex organs, bowels, reproductive glands, kidneys and bladder.

It is your centre of passion and creativity; what your mind can conceive, you can create.



The Solar Plexus Chakra

Situated in the centre of the ribs, the solar plexus is sometimes known as ‘the power centre’.

Problems in the solar plexus can related to issues with diabetes, liver and stomach problems, nervousness, lower back pain and low energy.

As well as being our energy centre, the chakra governs our self-esteem and confidence.




The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is located in the middle of our head between our eyes. It’s indigo in colour, and gives us clarity, and the ability to see what is before us or increase our clairvoyance.

Headaches, pineal gland, confusion, lack of concentration and visual problems are connected with the third eye chakra.

Clarity in the third eye gives us a feeling of confidence in our direction.



The Throat Chakra

Located in the base of the throat, the throat chakra influences the thyroid, parathyroid, larynx, tongue, mouth and neck.

When you open and clear your throat chakra you will enhance your ability to clearly communicate.

If you’re blocked in the throat chakra, you will also experience blocks in how you relate in your relationships with all things; people, work, creativity or money.




I like to maintain healthy chakras by practicing meditation. Join with me in a quick, free meditation here to help ground and balance your chakras.

This is a relaxing meditation that can be completed whenever you need it.

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