Shine Your Light!

Shine Your Light!

I had some light bulb moments throughout these past few weeks and it was bought to my attention by my coach. She said “by shining your light you are helping others shine”. I thought about this for awhile and had this realisation that we can sometimes dim our light to ‘fit in’. We don’t want to get too big for our boots or others will notice us achieving our goals.

I feel that sometimes when I have great ideas come in I get so excited and start to get carried away with the what ifs and exploring the possibilities of this creation. Discussions with others around me can be both positive or negative and can sometimes dim the light on that idea, feeling that it may not work or is a fair stretch. In saying that, these discussions can bring me back to reality. I’m a Sagittarius and my husband a Capricorn, he’ll say “you’re off with the fairies again” in his humorous way. He keeps me grounded.

Coming back to my point; don’t let anything stop you from stepping forward and being seen. Don’t let others’ comments cause you to dim your light to fit in. If you have felt that this has happened to you, where you were so excited to do something out of the box, then revise that dream . Don’t let it slip away. Shine your light so that you may help others to shine as well, and support those around you with big dreams.

I have just revised my goals that I wrote in January. It’s a great time to review for the last 6 months of this year. Yes, I don’t know where this last few months have gone. To manifest what you want to bring in start with celebrating what you have achieved so far this year. Tick them off and feel gratitude for these achievements. Then start your list right now. What are some of your big dreams?

When I first started to create the Gold Lotus Oracle I had smaller dreams like:

  • Getting the sketches and pre drawings on to canvas and watercolour paper.
  • Applying for a community grant to help me print the deck. I got rejected 3 times and kept going. I even asked what can I do to improve my expression of interest? It lead me to an interview that changed the application.
  • Setting up an exhibition of the artwork which lead to a larger second exhibition. When this opportunity was given to me, I thought how am I going to do this? It seemed so big a task, but I broke it down into smaller parts that then became achievable. I also put in a lot of hard work to do it.
  • Applying for a second small arts grant to help pay for the exhibition. I got this grant first time around. The fact that I had a physical product helped a lot and I did a video for the panel to explain to them what I was doing.

I am setting some bigger goals as I revise my list and I’m excited to manifest the next chapter. If you are making a list of some big dreams or goals reply to this newsletter and share. It can be so supportive to be accountable with someone who shares your dream.

Set up little markers like sticky notes with your goal written on and put them in places you frequent every day. Another of the ways to start clearing space in your mind and physical area is to declutter. I have just cleaned out my studio and I’ve continued on to cupboards in the house. This helps to clear your mind as well as visually. Expressing gratitude is another… Join me in this month of June if you are on social media either Facebook or Instagram as I will be posting daily for this month. Shine your light.