May 2018 Numerology Report

We are in a 5 month in an 2018/11 world year energy. The 5 is all about action and change. This five energy is busy and you can feel like you are on a mouse wheel. A little bit like you are going here, there and everywhere but not feeling as if you are achieving much. You may have feelings of grief coming up where you need to let go in order to allow change.

This month you may be inviting change or trying to stop change coming in to your life. Be careful not to be impulsive especially with big purchases. Freedom is another aspect of the 5 and you may be restructuring things this month to allow more freedom. Other 5 words are experience, unexpected, erratic, fast, sensual, intolerance, movement, and opportunity. The Tarot card is the Heirophant and the Gold Lotus card is Letting Go.

May’s full moon arrives Wednesday evening and, where skies are at least partially clear, it will beam brilliantly in the night sky. … In addition to being called the flower moon, May’s full moon is sometimes called the “milk moon” or “corn planting moon.”

Letting Go by Michelle Mann copyright Michelle Mann 2017 all rights reserved

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