November 2018 Numerology Report

We are in a 11 month in an 2018/11 world year energy. The 11 month and 11 year presents very interesting energy. The 11 is a master number and vibrates very differently for the previous numbers. The 11 is the Spiritual Messenger and is considered the most intuitive of all the numbers. The 22, The Master Builder and 33 Healing energies through love, if you happen to be a master number or your numbers add up to any of these numbers you are a highly sensitive person as are these master numbers.

The 11 is very sensitive and intuitive. Being that we are in both and 11 month and 11 year I feel that this month is all about illuminating the truth or the spiritual messengers to bring spiritual insights to earth. The guardian angel associated with the 11/2 energy is Archangel Uriel. Uriel is uplifting and inspirational and restores truth and balance.

If you are going through a challenge this month delve into the hidden parts of the challenge or behind the scenes of whatever you are facing, be it relationships, money or career. The 11 can be a nervous energy as it vibrates at a different rate. It is courageous and creative. We may see peaceful negotiations and others exposed for not being truthful this month.  In this vibration could also see violence and accidents.”Numerology for Beginners” workshop is nearing completion so I will start telling you all about this in the next email. This is a fascinating subject and one that you learn a lot about yourself and your life purpose.

The Taurus full moon last month caused some of us upheavals that could still be needing attention in the first half of this month. This week leading up to the new moon in Scorpio will bring anything to a head that is needing resolving. This month’s full moon on the 23rd November is in Gemini and you may feel more talkative and it will be good to talk to others about how you feel.

I am still going through the bank with my Dad’s scam and I have had my share of upheavals this month. I have been making changes and de cluttering at home, I always find that if I have a clean out and take things to the charity bin and throw away trash I feel better and find I get clearer with what and where I want to go.

This month’s number 11 is equivalent in the Tarot is Justice and the Gold Lotus card for 11 is Blue Angel.

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