October 2018 Numerology Report

October 2018 Numerology Report

We are in a 10 month in an 2018/11 world year energy. The 10 is all about planting new seeds- some of these seeds will start growing now and some that you plant now will flourish into 2019.

As September unfolded, I wasn’t surprised at the amazing things that transpired. The environmental issues started with our food industry with the honey not being what it should be, and then very close to home with the strawberry industry in turmoil. Last month I wrote that “the 9 contains the energy of all the other numbers and widens from local to worldwide.” The strawberry saga went out into the world with the media.

This month you may be a turning point for you with new energy giving you a boost. There is more energy with this month as it has the zero behind it. Zero is like a energy surge, it amplifies wherever number it is near and so multiple zeros further accelerate the energy. The one is about direction, strength, confidence and creativity. After leaving the nine energy last month where there may have been endings, October is a new direction, new ideas and can give you a glimpse of what next year can bring. On a personal level I had a roller coaster month, emotional ups and downs.

I found out my 82 year old dad has been scammed $$$ and my beautiful dog has a tumour and months to live. I have been in a 7 year which can be a hard one as it can be karmic or the need to balance things out. The 7 year is also one of rest and contemplation. I realise that there are many others worse off than me and I send you my love. Last month I was especially grateful for Do Terra Peace blend!

This month’s number (10) is a number of Karmic completion and the number of rebirth. The Tarot equivalent is Wheel of Fortune. It suggests the karmic debt is paid and you get to begin again around the wheel of life. So there is a surprise element in that there is something unknown in this new beginning. The Gold Lotus card equivalent is Gold Lotus.

Gold Lotus by Michelle Mann copyright Michelle Mann 2017 all rights reserved

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