The Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation- There are many benefits to the practice of meditation, so much so that I have included guided meditation in all my online workshops. Meditation has been proven to help us tackle our obstacles and challenges in life, and offers benefits such as:

*Relaxation – Stop and get off the merry go round. This is such an easy place to get to when we are busy. I have to make it a priority to stop, take time out, and come back to stillness. When you do this you can hear, not just physically but intuitively. That place of peace when your whole body relaxes down and you feel amazing.

*Lowers blood pressure – Scientists have proven that meditation can assist in lowering your blood pressure, and daily practise can help you become a healthier person.

*Improves Metabolism – Meditation is proven to increase your metabolism. I know I need this one. If you struggle to sit still and meditate in a traditional sense, walking is a wonderful way to do both improve your metabolism and engage in mindfulness at the same time. Also any activity that takes your mind away eg. craft, drawing or art, mandala colouring or adult colouring in, writing to name a few. (Check out my Gold Lotus Colour-in book here. It’s on special for just $6

I find personally that meditation gives me a clearer thinking and decision making is easier. I feel less stressed and I’m able to get more done in a busy day. I would love your comments on your meditation practice.

Tip: when you are first starting out at meditation only practice for a short time and built up over a period of weeks. Use a guided meditation, I have a free upgraded 20 minute Gold Lotus meditation on my learning platform here.

It can take time to develop a practice that suits your life style. If you start and keep finding that your thoughts are floating in, that’s ok, that’s what our minds are meant to do, try not to engage with them just let the thoughts float out again and know that you can go back to them after.