Here is some basic info on Chakras from my Gold Lotus Oracle Book:

Chakra system

Chakras are the invisible energy or chi centres in our body. Clearing these energy centres while visualising the colours can be helpful and maintaining our energy. These are the colours of the main 7 energy centres with the ears being a minor chakra

Starting at the crown with purple and gold light

Third eye chakra – indigo

Ear chakras – magenta the ear chakras are a little foreword from the physical ears near the brow.

Throat chakra – sky blue

Heart – emerald green

Solar plexus – yellow

Sacral chakra – orange

Base – ruby red

If you are new to the chakra system here is a lot of information on the internet and in books.

You will find more information in the Gold Lotus Oracle Book on the pages that feature each chakra card.


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