Gold Lotus Oracle Book and the Book & Deck Combo

“I became interested in my spiritual growth in my twenties. I started searching for answers when my husband died. I was
24. We married young and started to have problems. About two years later, we separated. I didn’t quite understand what went wrong and about 18 months after our separation my husband suddenly passed away. I went through a difficult time and
my search began…”

And so begins your journey with Michelle Mann through over 30 years of gathering extensive knowledge on the Occult, Tarot, Reiki, Numerology, Crystal Healing, Yoga, fine art and meditation.

Michelle’s incredible journey has culminated in the creation of the Gold Lotus Oracle Book and the accompanying Gold Lotus Oracle Deck.

The Gold Lotus Oracle Book is ready and will be launched in the United States in November 2017 by Balboa Press.

Pre-order your signed copy (first 99 copies signed by the author): available as Book Alone or Book & Deck Combo

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