Gold Lotus Oracle artwork made into Products ….Trying out Society6

Hey everyone…I thought I would try Society6 out for merchandise based on my artwork and so far so really good…I have ordered a fair few products and the quality is excellent. I love the tote bags and they have sold really well at shows and stalls I have done.

It’s a bit scary uploading my art and sending it into someone else’s control but my joy is in getting the work out there. People can order direct from the site. Financially for the uploading artist, when people order straight from society6, the artist gets only a couple of dollars say, unless they set their price really high. BUT, of course for the artist there is nothing to do. Society6 takes care of the product production, payment processing and shipping…so if you are an artist looking for an outlet and want the easiest possible option Society6 could be for you.

You need pretty huge images for any of the merchandise and I am yet to get a pic big enough to do many of the products.  We will see how it goes. Have you ever tried uploading your art to something like Society 6? Let me know in the comments below…

OH! And if you would like to order something from my society6 site then click the image below to access stationery, iphone covers and more from the original images in my Gold Lotus Oracle Deck and my earlier artworks:
Michelle Mann's Society 6 Merchandise

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