What a Weekend…and the next step

Hey everyone…what a weekend!

Yesterday morning at 9am we launched my web shop and the Gold Lotus Oracle Deck became available for purchase.

My web guru Kylie and I were in touch with each other throughout the day and I have to say a huge THANKS to Kylie for connecting all the dots to ensure the shop is secure for credit cards for you my most important Beloved Customers and that everything looks great and hangs together.

I am so happy with the quality of the Gold Lotus Oracle Deck now that I have it in my hands, the print quality is amazing and it’s just the right amount of glossiness and solidity when I hold each card. It looks & feels great and I know with this quality the deck you buy will last for many years to come. It’s a great gift for yourself or for a treasured someone else. My friend Lyn Moes (who is a spiritual reader here by the way – you can book Lyn for a reading here) did her first reading with the deck yesterday and was saying that it was just so accurate! If you have known me for a while you know that my WHY is art and spirit. I love my art. I love giving readings. I love helping people connect with their spirit and find their answers. That’s what this deck is: a manifestation of all of that!

And this project has resulted in 47 new artworks and of course the Gold Lotus Oracle Deck with those images on the cards and the accompanying small book. And of course to keep going I need the work I do to support me and to produce products and make them available is what will get me THERE.


To see people embrace and accept my Gold Lotus Oracle Deck on the very first day, and yes, absolutely part with their hard earned to buy my deck, it showed me that all that work and all that energy was what I was meant to be doing for the past two years. Thank you, thank you thank you all so much for the reception the deck received yesterday in just a few hours.

Anyway…my web guru Kylie and I were in touch throughout the day…she sms’d me as each purchase came in and I guess we were both waiting for that first purchase from someone I did not know FROM A BAR OF SOAP…and that happened! About 1:45 in the afternoon…Kylie sms’d me and we both jumped for joy! So that’s great…


there is always THE NEXT STEP…

I have submitted my manuscript to Balboa Press to go through the assessment process for my large format book that supports the oracle deck and will be published by Hay House in the USA. I’m up to the editing assessment and it all feels a bit overwhelming.

Of course the key thing as usual I found is to break it down into smaller parts. My assessment suggests I need more content as it is a bit short. I’m learning a lot in this process. Wow. The self publishing mine field. I’ll get there…

It’s going to a busy week. How are you all going? Feel free to drop me a line in the comments below…


  1. Did my first reading with your new Gold Lotus Oracle Deck and it was spot on! I couldn’t have got a better reading if I tried! Love the quality of the cards, especially the gold around the edges….very stylish! stoked you made your dreams come true!
    The world is grateful ?

    1. kielmtcolours@bigpond.com

      Hi Dave,
      The next thing is to set some achievable goals for the next 3 months that get you closer to your outcome. Then big goals for the next 6 and 12 months. Ask your self what you can do today that will get you there. M

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